How to create a blog post layout With Divi

The Divi WordPress theme is a popular, multipurpose theme that can be used for a variety of websites. It is highly customizable and comes with a visual front-end builder tool to make creating your website easy.

If you don’t have Divi yet, you can get it here.

In the video below you can learn how to create a custom post template with Divi. You can also download the finished template and import it into your website.


Download the layout here!


How to import the layout template

Step 1

Download the template and extract it.

Step 2

Make sure you have the latest version of the Divi theme installed

Step 3

Go to your admin, Divi -> Theme builder

Step 4

Click the “Portability icon” (up-down arrows) and select “Import”, upload the json file and click the “Import Divi Theme Builder Templates” button





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