How to get paid online writing jobs

In this article I’m going to show you how you can get writing jobs online quickly and then I’ll show you how to write your articles crazy fast so you can make as much money from your writing job as possible, even if you don’t have too much experience in writing.

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing online materials that promote a brand, product, or service. By producing high-quality content, you can reach potential customers and build trust with them.

Get the job

To get a paid online writing job, obviously you need a few skills, for example:

  • a good command of the language you write in (if it’s not your first language)
  • basic Internet skills to be able to search topics
  • good grammar skills

There are different ways to get writing jobs. The most common way is to search for online writing jobs on job boards or freelancer websites. You can also contact companies directly and inquire about writing opportunities. Finally, you can create a writer website or blog to showcase your work and attract potential clients.

But these are not the most convenient ways to do that. You need to spend a lot of time chasing down jobs and you may not get them in the end.

A better way is where you are automatically connected with potential buyers. This saves you time and money.

I highly recommend using services like “Paid Online Writing Jobs” that hooks you up with clients and all you need to worry about is creating content. You just need to register an account with them! They also provide a short training for you so you can start earning money in a day.

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What kind of content do you need to write?

Most common topics include:

  • blog posts/articles
  • Facebook or Google ad copies
  • Product descriptions
  • Ebooks

so you can write about a wide variety of topics.

BUT, there is one problem with writing jobs. It can take a lot of time to write an article especially if you are not familiar with the given topic.

However, there is a solution! Read on!


Write faster

If you are not familiar with a topic, it is very difficult to write about it. It would probably take more time and effort to write such article. If you need more time to get a job done, it means you earn less.

However, there is a way to circumvent this. You can use an AI content writing tool like ContentBot. It’s like a virtual writing assistant. It won’t write the article instead of you but it can easily increase your speed tenfold.

You can generate paragraphs on topics that you are not familiar with, you can use different tones for your writing. You can write short or long form content. You can use templates for different content types.

ContentBot generates, unique, high quality, grammatically correct content for you. Search engine optimization and plagiarism check are built into the app.

It’s not a free tool, but it will save you so much time that its benefit will outweigh its cost.

I can put together a 500-word long article in less than half an hour. Without ContentBot it would take me at least 3-4 hours with research and proofreading. And if you keep delivering your well-written articles to the customer quickly, they will just come back for more.

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