What is the difference between for and forEach?

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Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the for and forEach loops in javascript?



Answer by: ChristianKovats

Answered on: 21 Jul 2023

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“for” and “forEach” are both looping statements in JavaScript, but they behave slightly differently.

A for loop is used to execute a block of code a certain number of times. It has the following syntax:

for (initialization; condition; increment) {
// code block to be executed

“forEach” is an array method that executes a function once for each array element. It does not return a new array, but rather modifies the array on which it is called. Here is the syntax for “forEach”:

array.forEach(function(currentValue, index, arr), thisValue)

The function argument is a callback function that is executed on each element in the array. It takes three arguments: the current element being processed, the index of that element, and the array being traversed. The optional thisValue argument is used to specify the value of this inside the callback function.

So, the main difference between for and forEach is that forEach is an array method, while for is a looping statement that can be used with arrays and other data types. for gives you more control over the looping process, but forEach is often more convenient to use.


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