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In this post I will show you a very simple method that you can use to make $150 per sale with affiliate marketing.

Step 1 – Registering an affiliate program

Head over to the Fiverr affiliate program and register a free account.

Step 2 – Selecting a service to promote

From the website select a service, but make sure it’s got a “Pro verified” badge. Make sure the price of the service starts between $200-500. You don’t want to select a too expensive gig since it will be more difficult to sell.

Also make sure that the gig has 5* ratings and at least a 100.

Copy the URL of the gig, and in your affiliate dashboard turn it into an affiliate link.

Step 3 – Generating traffic

Now, it’s time to generate traffic to the service you promote.

For example, if you selected a service that deals with online ad management, then you can promote it to people who would need it. For example, local businesses such as restaurants.

Then go to Google and search for “restaurants in new york” or something similar. Once you got the results, go to page 3 and start checking the pages. Get their email addresses and send them a customized email saying that you found them on Google’s xxx page and with a proper ad management you can drive customers to their business.

Don’t forget to add your affiliate link in the email.

I know it’s a bit tedious and slow, but there is a faster way to get the email addresses. There is a tool called Sky Email Extractor that you can use to get thousands of emails based on URLs or keywords. It has a free trial so you can try it without any risk.

Once you have the software opened, select a region, type your keyword and it will start generating a lot of emails for you.

email extractor

I’ve tried a few similar softwares, but this gives by far the best result.

This way you can send your offer to people who are potential customers. Fiverr is an established and trusted website so people are willing to pay for a service there than in other places. Also the “Pro verified” badge on the gig will add some additional trust since those fiverr sellers are veted manually by Fiverr. And because the Fiverr affiliate program pays $150 after each “Pro verfied” gig sale, you can make a really good money here.

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