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I was wondering if anyone here makes his or her living from online sources. Let’s share some “make money online” tips.


Answer by: jenniryan

Answered on: 25 Mar 2023

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Yes, I make some money on the side with affiliate marketing.

Here is quick tip:

  1. Go to and select a good quality service. A service with a lot of 5 star ratings and the price of the basic gig should be above $80. Gigs you can select for example: Google / Facebook Ads management, Logo design etc. It can come handy if you are familiar with the topic.
  2. Copy the link of the selected service, paste into a notepad.
  3. Go to Fiverr Affiliate and create an account there. It’s free.
  4. Log in and create an affiliate link to the service you selected.
  5. Create an account on Instagram and start posting tips and tricks (images, videos) on the topic of the gig you are promoting. If you are not familiar with the topic, watch a few videos on YouTube, that would give you some ideas.
  6. On Instagram, fill out your bio and add your affiliate link.
  7. Start following people with similar interests. if they follow you back and check your profile/posts, they will see you bio and affiliate link.
  8. You can do pretty much the same on Quora.
  9. Then rinse and repeat the whole process with a different service.

Answer by: ChristianKovats

Answered on: 25 Mar 2023

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Hi Jenni!

Thanks for the great idea. You can also increase the chance of selling an ad management service if you look for local businesses in Google. For example, restaurants. Go to page 3 (obviously if you are on page 1 or 2 you probably wont need this service) and contact those businesses and offer them this service. Make sure the message is not spammy, though.

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