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If you want to become a contributor and write articles for us, please read on. We are looking for guest authors for the following categories:

  • Graphic design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Internet marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Javascript (and related technologies)
  • Operating Systems
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Server administration and web hosting
  • SEO
  • WordPress


  • Submit your topic idea from one of the above categories for approval
  • Your article must contain a minimum of 1000 words.
  • The article must be 100% unique. No rewrites or reposts. (we check all articles manually with copyscape)
  • The language of the article must be in English with no grammatical errors (please have it proofread if necessary)
  • Add images to your article if needed.
  • The article must be informative. Don’t forget you write for people first. People must learn something from it.
  • Use headings, subheadings, bold or italic font for key sentences and bulleted lists, so it is easy to read.
  • Make sure to research your topic thoroughly.
  • Send your article in a .doc or .docx format. Use the form below.
  • Once your article is published on you are not allowed to republish it on anywhere else.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed in articles.

We reserve the right to refuse the publication of articles.

What you get:

Your article may contain 1 dofollow backlink to your site. You can also have your own author box that will appear after each of your articles.