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WooCommerce Tax Rates Settings

3 months ago by Tamas

In this article we will learn how to set WooCommerce tax rates for different states or territories. In this example I will use Canada.

In Canada there are different sales taxes and rates in the different provinces and territories so In WooCommerce we need to set those tax rates one by one.

In order to do that go to "WooCommerce" => "Settings" and under the "General" tab make sure to check the "Enable taxes" option. Save the settings and then you'll see a new tab showing up called "Tax".

Under the "Tax" tab you have a lot of options related to price display and tax calculation. They are pretty straightforward, set them however your business needs them.

To set standard tax rates, click the "Standard rates" option. Here you can add as many rates as you want.

If you want to use one rate for a country, just click "insert row" and add the country code to the "Country code" field. If you start typing, a selection of countries will be displayed. Select the country. You can further narrow down by adding states, zip codes or even cities. If you want the same tax rate used for the entire country, only select the country, add a name for the tax and set the rate like this:

WooCommerce tax rates


If you want to add different tax rates, you need to add multiple lines like this:

Canada Woocommerce tax rates

Click here to download the full tax rates sheet for Canada.



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