Full List of CSS Pseudo Elements

A CSS pseudo-element is a keyword added to selectors that lets you style specific parts of an element. Here is a full list of available pseudo-elements. If you want to learn more about pseudo-elements, click here.
Selector Example Description Details
::after a::after Inserts something after the content of each "a" element. Details
::backdrop video::backdrop It creates a box that a full screen element has behind it and can be used to change the background color of the maximized screen. Details
::before a::before Inserts something before the content of each "a" element. Details
::cue video::cue This element matches Web Video Text Tracks Format (WebVTT) cues such as captions. Details
::cue-region ::cue-region It matches WebVTT cues within a selected element. It is used to apply styles to regions of the media element's time line. Details
::first-letter h3::first-letter Selects the first letter of each "h3" element Details
::first-line p::first-line It applies styles to the first line of an element. Details
::file-selector-button input::file-selector-button It applies styles to an input button. Details
::grammar-error p::grammar-error It matches text that the browser has flagged as grammatically incorrect. This is mostly experimental feature and most browsers do not support it yet. Details
::marker li::marker It is used to style the marker of a list item. Details
::placeholder input::placeholder It is used to style a placeholder text of an input or textarea element. Details
::selection p::selection It is used to style the portion of an element that is selected/highlighted by the user. Details